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Might as well post this here, for the time being, probably will expand it later.

I think I posted this on the meme as well too... not all sure with myself though...

Alfred rubbed the bridge of his nose and blinked several times. He wasn’t surprised to find himself so tired; it had been a long flight, almost nine hours, and he arrived in Germany from New York in the late evening, amidst a thunderstorm no less.

He walked a bit slower than he usually would, weighed down with a suitcase in his left hand and duffel bag slung over his right shoulder. Aside from the initial hullabaloo when departing the plane and collecting his luggage, Alfred found the airport to be surprisingly quiet. Then again he did arrive late and this terminal was smaller than the ones at JFK.

Turing a sleek and modern corner, the blond could see the entrance in the distance. He could also see the thunderstorm behind it too and frowned slightly. Out of all the days to forget an umbrella… Alfred pushed his glasses up and tightened the grip on his suitcase. Hopefully he wouldn’t be caught in the rain long enough to get soaked.

Once he stepped outside Alfred received a wet slap to the face. The wind was awfully strong, pushing the rain to fall diagonally. Straightening himself up he quickly trotted over to the curve designated for taxis and waved for one.

His first few attempts to flag down a taxi were unsuccessful as they either ignored the American’s call or simply drove past him. When Alfred finally did catch one, he couldn’t be more than relived. He was soaked to the bone by the time he squeezed into the backseat. So much for arriving dry in his Sunday’s best.

The taxi driver, old and scruffy, looked into his mirror and eyed his passenger with little care for his wet state. “Where to?” he asked with a thick accent.

The driver nodded and pulled the taxi away from the kerb. Alfred loosened the wet tie around his neck. He was going have to change once he arrived in Freiburg. No way was he going to be introduced in a wet suit. The blond looked outside and caught a streak of lighting hitting the ground.

“Has it been raining this hard for long?” he inquired.

The taxi driver eyed him in the mirror again. “Half an hour.” he said before resuming his focus on the rain-swept road before him.

Alfred thanked him and then eased back into his seat. He wiped his brow, a tired sigh rumbling from his chest. This all better be worth it in the end.
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